Friday, March 14, 2014


Go outside and have a walk, preferably in a deep dark forest with lots of very old trees.

Once there think about why you spend so much time on the web.

Then come back here and let me know in a comment.

Best comment wins a price money can't buy.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Just look at the shit the American government is doing with a perfectly legal business.

FUCK THE NSA, seriously, FUCK YOU GUYS AND GIRLS sitting in your offices and spying on your own and other countries with the excuse to prevent terrorism. What a lie in the face of humanity. How do you sleep at night? Have you got a conscience at all?

Thank you Obama for doing nothing against all this madness, all of you will meet their master sooner or later, that is for sure and when that day comes you will remember the voices of the millions of people you have betrayed and lied to.

Shame on you American people and shame on you Obama. This is an absolute disgrace. I am seriously disgusted by what is going down at the moment.

Due to the events of the recent weeks I refuse to fuel Google's and other big players pockets by further hosting the content I have created on Blogger.

Closure of this blog is imminent.

Grab whatever you want before everything is deleted.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Find High Resolution Image From Youtube Video Thumbnail

Want to see the thumbnail of a Youtube video in its highest resolution or original resolution? Quite simple!

In Firefox on the Youtube video page type "ctrl" + "u" (at the same time).

In the new window that pops up type "ctrl" + "f" (at the same time).

Now type "og:image". The searched text will light up green.

Right next to that highlighted text you will find the link to the original image in its highest resolution.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Open links in Thunderbird Portable with Firefox Portable | Change default browser for Thunderbird

Using Thunderbird Portable and http links in emails are not opening in Firefox Portable or the browser you like to open them with? Here is a simple fix.

In Thunderbird Portable got to Tools and select Options from the list.

In this menu select the Advanced tab furthest to the right and go down to where it says Advanced Configuration. Click on Config Editor in that section, bottom right.

Promise Thunderbird you will be careful.

Type "external.http" into the search bar (without quotation marks of course!).

Double click on "network.protocol-handler.warn-external.http".

Double click on "network.protocol-handler.warn-external.https".

This will set both configuration options from False to True.

Close the Config Editor.

Go to an email inside Thunderbird with a http link and click it.

Now a window will open asking you what browser you want to use with http links. This works the same for https links as well.

Click on Browse and select "FirefoxPortable.exe" wherever you installed Firefox Portable.

Click OK and done.

Now when you click on links in emails they WILL open with Firefox Portable.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

StartPage and Ixquick Deploy Newest Encryption Standards against Mass Surveillance

First search engines to offer TLS 1.1.and 1.2 as well as "Perfect Forward Secrecy"

NEW YORK & AMSTERDAM - In the wake of the US PRISM Internet surveillance scandal, companies are revisiting how they do business online and beefing up their privacy practices to protect their users.

Private search engines StartPage and Ixquick have pioneered a new advance in encryption security this week, becoming the first search engines in the world to enable "Perfect Forward Secrecy" or PFS in combination with a more secure version of SSL encryption known as TLS 1.1. and 1.2 , which works by setting up a secure "tunnel" through which users' search traffic cannot be intercepted.

This is the latest in a series of security firsts by StartPage and Ixquick, which pioneered the field of private search in 2006. Combined, StartPage/Ixquick is the largest private search engine, serving well over 4 million searches daily.

Harvard-trained privacy expert Dr. Katherine Albrecht, who helped develop StartPage, says, "We take encryption very seriously, and we've always led the way when it comes to security. We were first to adopt default SSL encryption in 2011, and now we're setting the standard for encryption in the post-PRISM world."

SSL encryption has been proven to be an effective tool for protecting sensitive online traffic from eavesdropping and surveillance. However, security researchers now worry that SSL encryption may not provide adequate protection if Government agencies are scooping up large amounts of encrypted traffic and storing it for later decryption.

With SSL alone, if a target website's "private key" can be obtained once in the future - perhaps through court order, social engineering, attack against the website, or cryptanalysis - that same key can then be used to unlock all other historical traffic of the affected website. For larger Internet services, that could expose the private data of millions of people.

StartPage and Ixquick have now deployed a defense against this known as "Perfect Forward Secrecy," or PFS.

PFS uses a different "per-session" key for each data transfer, so even if a site's private SSL key is compromised, data that was previously transmitted is still safe. Those who want to decrypt large quantities of data sent using PFS face the daunting task of individually decrypting each separate file, as opposed to obtaining a single key to unlock them all.

This can be likened to replacing the master "skeleton key" that unlocks every room in a building with a tight security system that puts a new lock on each door and then creates a unique key for each lock.

In addition to its pioneering use of PFS, earlier this month StartPage and Ixquick deployed Transport Layer Security, or TLS, encryption versions TLS 1.1 and 1.2 on all of its servers. TLS is an upgraded form of SSL encryption, which sets up a secure "tunnel" that protects users' search information.

In independent evaluation, StartPage and Ixquick outscore their competitors on encryption standards. See Qualys' SSL Labs evaluation of StartPage's encryption features:

CEO Robert Beens urges other companies to upgrade to these new technologies. "With Perfect Forward Secrecy and TLS 1.1 and 1.2 combined, we are once again leading the privacy industry forward. For the sake of their users' privacy, we strongly recommend other search engines follow our lead."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Day In Paradise

Closing all my Google accounts, especially all my Gmail accounts. I have had enough of it all. Just look at what has become of us. Slaves of the digital age. Thinking about closing this blog too sooner or later so quickly grab the info provided here before it is gone. After all the info here is not even worth grabbing, it is long out in the open, perhaps not that easy to find but it is out there.

Though I can just imagine how happy a few affiliate marketing chaps might be about this and I am surly not playing into their hands. There is other ways of spreading the info so many people are longing for. Blogger is not the only place to do, Google is not the only search engine and Gmail is not the only email provider. It is all out there, you just have to convince yourself in the light of recent developments that if you do not stand up and make a change it will all be worse.

There is tons of ways to completely anonymous spread information on how to rinse every fucking last bit out of Adobe without paying a single penny for as long as you live. But Adobe is not the culprit here, though there are plenty of reasons for exposing all the cracks, hacks and patches alongside the direct download links.

Thinking about going rouge.

If governments can have secret laws, secret judges and so called secret agencies that run on secret budgets taken from the common hard working man only to sniff out the last bit of information from that law abiding common hard working man then it all means that the corporate greed has long ago consumed the people in power.

Consumed them all like the ring. Wanting it all. Full take. Wanting every last bit and byte with the mission to protect this hard working common man from underground fighters, fighting for freedom of thought, fighting for freedom of belief and freedom of faith. Fighting against this scourge of humanity. What a lie and what a blatant lie on top of that.

They don't even make a secret out of it. I am terribly disappointed how things have turned out. I am terribly disappointed and I am getting up from this table and not playing cards any more with people that trick and kill while padding you on the shoulder and whispering in your ear "It is all for the greater good."

No it is not. It has nothing got to do with "greater" or "good" full stop.

If governments can have secret laws, secret judges and do not see the need to abide by any of the laws humanity has formed over the course of history then why should I abide to any law any more? Just because it is written down somewhere? What do I care if the people in power so carelessly tread on what humanity has formed over ages?

So why are governments allowed to break the law every single day? Why do the people that have been elected in trust and faith to represent the needs and wants of the population turned into such corrupt slaves of corporations? Politicians have once been the trusted and elected people of the population to represent their concerns and requests. These times are long over. I am disgusted.

This is a call to free yourself from it all. Think about it. With every post you make on any of the social platforms corrupt corporations make huge amounts of money. Your information, your photos, your videos, your friendships your happiness your sadness, every single bit of emotion you share with the net means hard currency for a select few sitting at the other end. Since governments play hand in had with these people the only way to resist is to quit your accounts. Don't give in. Make a change for good.

Terminate your accounts. I am in the middle of doing this and there is this emotion I have never felt before. A happy and strong feeling of becoming lighter of becoming more and more myself again. Peace of mind no software will scan your emails for keywords only to sell this information to advertising companies that bombard you with senseless ads incepting you with imaginary needs that you will never be able to satisfy. Free yourself. Do it for your own peace of mind and for the sake of love for freedom of humanity.

All this has nothing got to do with how we imagined it. Open your eyes and see the truth.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jason Potratz - Absent Center - Halocyan Records

Jason Potratz’s debut album ‘Transfer’, released on Phthalo Records in 2001, was a work of experimental acid techno well ahead of its time. The release heralded much of the ensuing popularity of SH-101, MC-202, and TB-303-inspired electronics. Over a decade later, just as it seems that acid is once again on the rise in electronic music culture, the shadowy and mysterious Potratz returns on Halocyan with a killer single entitled ‘Absent Center’.

The philosophical concept of the “absent center” revolves around paralysis or evaporation through planning and thought. In kind, this track is a forceful, paranoid rush of lacerating, rich and twitchy sound design-- all frenzied, furious movement, exploding and collapsing inward upon itself. Potratz’s expert programming and sound design are very deliberate flirtations with ways of grounding the groundless in a techno framework.

On the B-side, NHK RMX, aka NHK / Kouhei Matsunaga (whose prolific and experimental body of work has been released on labels such as Pan, Raster-Noton, and Mille Plateaux), whips “Absent Center” into an absolutely relentless cyclone of whirring bleeps, renegade high-hats and and a consistent, ingrained glitch. The 12” version was cut by Stefan Betke (aka Pole) at 45 RPM for optimum loudness, and is limited to 200 copies.

In two words. Get this!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

NSA Recruits Vinyl Gurus Hard Wax Juno RedEye VinylUnderground HonestJons Decks & DeeJay Deny Involvement

A top secret undisclosed informant has leaked information about the NSA recruiting vinyl conaisseurs as part of the VinCon program all over the world.

With the NSA being aware of the "vinyl boom" as well as being aware of the record being an analogue good that cannot simply be tapped into like any undersea fibre optic cable the NSA now faces the tedious task to scan all records being sent and delivered with postal services for sensitive or harming content that might lead to terrorist attacks.

"With all the technology around we would have never though that a simple vinyl record can throw us back years if not decades in accumulating and analysing potentially anti-government information." a spokeswoman of the NSA said on Friday.

"Tapping into encrypted traffic in fibre optic cables, decrypting, storing and archiving data is a breeze nowadays but the vinyl record does not seem to have any console, user interface or plugs. A team of highly trained veteran analogue media analysts, remnants of the cold war, have been called back into NSA's HQ to research this mysterious media. This team has come up with astounding findings. The information is actually hidden deep inside the grooves and can only be extracted with a diamond needle. The extraction process is very time consuming and tedious. This is why we have been recruiting vinyl gurus to help us analyse this analogue media."

Naturally all the major players have denied any sort of involvement in this VinCon program.

"We have had numerous NSA agents trying to penetrate the holy walls of our Hard Wax temple without success. Every agent that has actually made it through the streets of Berlin and up to our HQ has been brainwashed with top secret Progressive Trance audio inception turning them into pill munching naive brain-dead Trance slaves worshipping Paul Van Data for the rest of their miserable existence. No harm will ever come from these agents after we are through with them." a Hard Wax spokesman said after Friday.

Another whistle-blower has shown Technolux Blog secret images (that cannot be published unfortunately) of the underground VinCon facilities. In a huge room, literally thousands of desks, each equipped with a low quality USB turntable on it can be seen. Sitting at the desks, agents can be seen extracting, storing and archiving the information hidden in the grooves, scanning the records for potential terrorist communication.

Little do they know that the record can also be played back backwards, and often, only then reveals it's true terrorist potential.

But shhht, don't you go telling the NSA, like this, when they think they have done their work they can start it all over, scanning all records from scratch, playing them backwards the second time round.

Welcome to the Vinyl Age.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stimming - Die Taube Auf Dem Dach - Diynamic LP10

Stimming - Stimming 2 x 12" album released 03 Jun 2013 on Diynamic

review by

There is a couple of really heavy tracks on this album. Buy it on vinyl at these stores now. I know I am getting this and can't wait to spin a few of these.