Thursday, July 28, 2011

Play SoundCloud On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Without App Or Embedded Player

Learn how to make SoundCloud tracks play on any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without using the embedded SoundCloud Player for websites or having the iPhone SoundCloud App installed. So far users on an iDevice browsing sites with music hosted on SoundCloud cannot play tracks with the embedded player because Apple does not support Flash. Unfortunately SoundCloud's custom javascript based player that should hold the solution to this also does not always work. Here is a simple fix that always works.

Find SoundCloud Stream In Firefox, Google Chrome And Opera All Versions
Browse to any SoundCloud track page.

Right-click the page on an empty spot and select "View Page Source" or simply "Source" in Opera.

Now press "control" and the key "f". This will allow you to search the page source code for any term you like.

In the tab that opens search for "stream".  The results will be highlighted immediately.

Right after the first result you can see a link starting with "" followed by a bunch of numbers and letters.

Highlight this link right up to just before the question mark. Done. This is the link you want.

Example Stream
Let's go to the SoundCloud track page of Speedy J and Gary Beck's - Vaag (A great deep and driving Techno track). When you view the source code of that page you will find that the stream URL is the following:

This link will play across all iDevices automatically without having to rely on SoundCloud's custom javascript based player or any other method. The Apple QuickTime media player will simply open and play the track on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch regardless of the firmware version of the iDevice.

Of course you can share this link with friends, email it or post it in forums. Everyone will be able to hear your music across all iPlatforms. For example if you surf this blog with your iDevice simply click the above link and see what happens for yourself.

The Bay Area Native has informed me that they have used this method to provide SoundCloud tracks to all their mobile visitors. Check out their MP3 section to see an example of this method on a professional music site. The links are marked "iOS/Android: Mobile Stream" and you can find them directly under the posts.

Download SoundCloud Tracks
You can download the track directly from such an URL. Simply let the track load completely and download it with the FlashGot add-on for Firefox or the DownThemAll! add-on for Firefox for example. Of course there is the Soundcloud Super +2: Downloader + Recommender for downloading tracks from SoundCloud as well.

If the user has disabled the download permission for that track or the monthly download limit is reached with such a link the track can still be downloaded. So this method also removes the download permission as well as privacy for tracks. Use it sensibly and if you like a track go buy it and support the artists.

This is an updated version of an earlier post of mine. If you have any questions or problems feel free to get in touch. I have tested this on older (e.g. FF 3.5) as well as the latest versions of the above listed browsers. It should not matter if you are on Linux, Mac or Windows, this should work across all systems. Since I don't use Safari I could not test this but I am sure Safari has a similar if not the same possibility of looking at a site's source code and searching for a specific term in it.


  1. Hiya TL!
    Regarding Safari, your walkthrough still applies...

  2. Hey Don,
    Thanks for your comment and how nice to hear from you! Hope all is well on your end. Email sent as well!
    Thanks for verifying that with Safari. And yes wanted to try a way without using a network sniffer, now doing this for Mixcloud but there things are tiny notch harder it seems, at least without a network sniffer.
    All the best and speak soon!

  3. It works but after 11 minutes the player shuts off, It does this for iphone, ipad and droid. Do you have any idea what could be causing this?

  4. This worked well except the stream cuts out after 15 minutes....we do a radio show that usually lasts about 90 minutes. Any ideas?

  5. Anon, thanks for your comment and no idea.

  6. Anon, can you let me know the address of the radio stream you are trying to play? Perhaps I can have a look at it and figure something out.

  7. fantastic both for downloading beyond SC limit and then listen on me pods... cheers


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