Monday, December 26, 2011

Download Mixcloud Mixes As MP3 M4A Or AAC

Learn how to download or rip any mix or podcast hosted on as MP3, M4A or AAC audio file.

This post is updated regularly with the latest information and method on how to download from Mixcloud. Bookmark this post and check back here if you are having trouble downloading from Mixcloud. Thanks to avid participation in the comments section there is always a quick solution if Mixcloud changes its site code or the way mixes are being streamed. Thanks goes out to all commenters below!

As a reference I keep the older and non-working methods archived as PDF files.
August 09 2011 Reference Version 01.pdf

Both JDownloader and work again and will download the MP3 from directly. Well done!

One other helpful tool is Andrew's MixCloud to RSS converter. Check it out!