Friday, February 25, 2011

Download Samurai.FM Stream As MP3

Learn how to download or rip any Samurai.FM stream as m4a and convert the m4a to mp3.

Samurai.FM hosts all the audio files in the m4a file format and streams them through the RTMP protocol. To find the rtmp stream URL you need an advanced network sniffer. To download the m4a audio file hosted at such a rtmp stream URL you need a downloaded tool that supports the rtmp protocol. Both these functions are combined in one great program already, CooJah 6. Make sure to carefully read this little post on how to install and configure CooJah 6 as unfortunately its InstallShield is in Chinese. Don't start to worry now! The graphical user interface is entirely in English.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Install And Configure CooJah 6

CooJah 6 is an advanced network sniffer that supports the HTTP, RTMP and RTMPE protocol. It reveals the URLs to almost all media resources and is capable of capturing  request and response headers. Together with CooJah 6 comes Blader the integrated download manager that not only supports these protocols but also uses RTMPDump to download the content behind any URL found by CooJah 6.