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Download Red Bull Music Academy Radio Stream As MP3

Learn how to download or rip any mix, podcast and stream hosted on Red Bull Music Academy Radio and Archive as MP3 audio file.
Red Bull Music Academy Radio or RBMA Radio hosts all archived radio streams as MP3 audio files on their servers. It is very easy to find the direct download links to the streams and enjoy the music wherever and whenever you like.

News 3rd August 2012
The site has recently been updated. How to download from the new RBMA site? From now on you can simply use the Firefox Extension DownloadHelper to get the mixes. If you do not know how to operate DownloadHelper please have a look at this comment.

Find Red Bull Music Academy Radio Stream URL Token
To find the stream URL you need Firefox and the Firefox add-on Tamper Data. Once you have installed Tamper Data go to any archived radio stream on RBMA Radio. In this example I am going to choose Inside Out - London Belongs To Me by Andrew Weatherall.

In Firefox go to Tools and select Tamper Data. In the top left corner click on Start Tamper.

Now go to RBMA Radio and hit Play Show.

The first window that pops up is going to look like this. Tamper Data is asking you whether you would like to tamper with the request you made to RBMA Radio or if you like to Submit the request. You are going to Submit this request.

Immediately after you click on Submit another window will pop up asking you whether you would like to Tamper with the request or Submit it. You are going to Submit more or less 17 of those requests.

After about 17 of those requests you will reach a request that contains


in the URL.

This is your RBMA Radio stream token. Make sure to not take too much time to click through those requests. It seems when you take too much time the token is gone. After a while you get the hang of it. Otherwise just count to about 14 clicked requests and then start paying attention to the URL is the request. Like this I always reach it.

Once you reach this particular URL click on Abort Request. You can now use this token to download the RBMA Radio Stream from the archive. It is fairly easy.

Download RBMA Radio Stream As MP3
In the Tamper Data main window double-click on the latest log result and make sure it is the request with safestream.php?token= in the URL. You can also check the Status column of the request, it has to show Cancelled. Click the image below to see a large version of a Tamper Data screenshot with the token URL in the log showing.

Once you double-click on the log result a window with the stream URL will pop up. Right-click the URL to copy and paste it in the address bar of a new tab in Firefox. Make sure to have Encoded checked as showing in the image below. Unfortunately you can't copy the URL directly out of the log results from the main window.

That's it.

Once you load the URL in a new tab Firefox will show you it's Opening File message. Simply save the RBMA Radio archived stream as MP3 audio file. It downloads very damn fast as well, at least with the few streams I tried :)

Credit goes to Dogs On Acid member cygn for this neat info.

If you have any thing to add, find mistakes (I am only human) or did enjoy this post please feel free to leave a comment or use my contact page to get in touch. Thanks for your time!


  1. AMAZING...just what the doctor ordered

  2. Thanks so much, there are some solid mixes on RBMA and with this finally I can download all of them. THANKS DUDE!!! :)))

  3. amazing guide, go enjoy some Busy P!!

  4. page result : "illegal token"....

    1. Try again, if you do it again, it will surly work. Watch exactly for the right request and don't wait too long to use it, then it will work for sure. Good luck!

  5. The Tamper Data tool continues to pop up after I click abort request so I can't get to the log window. Any thoughts?

  6. Hi, i think it doesnt work anymore, i've tried it a dozens time and it doesnt show the safestream/token thing...lame, so many good stuff on rbma radio and we cant buy/download that stuff...

  7. How to download streams from the Red Bull Music Academy Radio Player using only Google Chrome:

    1. Good video. What a coincidence it is Blawan. He seems everywhere these days..

  8. It does work, just checked, follow instruction and it will work fine, it IS a bit tricky so be exact and it will work.

  9. Hi can you please check to see if it still works because the page layout for RBMA has changed.. thanks

  10. Use from now on.

    1. hi i just tryied to dowload andrews mix with donload helper but it didnt worked as dowload simbol was grey it wasnt moving as its supose to move in circle so what should i do ?

  11. Thanks man. defenatly a useful add-on, also for other sites.

  12. TamperData still worked for fine for me. You just had to get a link with an Auth Code in it and that worked for me. Even though it didn't work for RB Radio, i really can recommend for other sites.

  13. Downloadhelper worked perfectly! Super easy and convenient. Thanks so much for the suggestion Technolux.

  14. Downloadhelper worked perfectly! By FAR the easiest solution. Thanks so much Technolux.

    Pretty obvious how it works but I'll post this up just as well:

    1. Install downloadhelper
    2. Go to RBMA, find what you want to play/download.
    3. Press the big red "play" button
    4. The downloadhelper button will start spinning (to the left of the address bar)
    5. Right click this button
    6. A list will come up, go to item named "media"
    7. An mp3 name will come up corresponding to the name of the rbma stream you want to download.
    8. Mouse over and choose download.
    9. ENJOY. super-easy


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