Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Adobe Announces Official Direct Download Links

If you check the general download section over at Adobe's forum you will find this announcement.

Trials of Adobe products may be downloaded without Akamai Download Manager.
Here is an article describing how to download our products directly:
by PetŠ°r at May 3, 2011 12:22 PM

I think this is good news for Adobe and possibly bad news for Akamai but it seems that in the long fight for reason and a happy user base Adobe has finally taken a step in the right direction. Thanks Petar! Do follow the link and instructions for the CS5 downloads still available from Adobe.

For the CS5.5 downloads a new "Adobe Download Assistant" has been launched. I have not given this new Assistant a try yet so I cannot say if it is good or bad. However for people that do not like to try things out and instead run things the easy way the direct download links to CS5.5 are scattered all over the net. I will try and compile a list of direct download links for CS5.5 soon.


  1. pffft... the new "Adobe Download Assistant" is even worse, shame on Adobe..

  2. Adobe is a joke when it comes to downloading!


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