Monday, January 24, 2011

Install And Configure URL Snooper 2

URL Snooper 2 is a program written to help users locate the URLs of audio and video files so that they can be recorded. Of course URLs to software and a lot of other data you might want to get your hands on can be found and downloaded with URL Snooper 2. Download the latest version of URL Snooper 2 or check the official homepage for more info. This software is 100% free to download and use.

Once you have downloaded this small program start the installation. During installation you will be informed about installing the WinPcap Network Engine as part of the installation.

If you do not have WinPcap installed already be sure to accept this step!

Be sure to tick the option Automatically start the WinPcap driver at boot time.

Now the installation of URL Snooper 2 and WinPcap is done.

The first time you fire up URL Snooper 2 it will automatically try to determine your network adapter and most probably fail. This is not a problem at all! Simply hit cancel.

You are now presented with the General Options. Make sure you have removed the tick from Auto determine Network Adapter on Startup. For the Sniffing Engine Driver option you can confirm that WinPcap is being used. As Network Adapter simply chose the one from the drop down menu. There will automatically be the one you have installed on your operating system.

Now if you go to the Search tab under Protocol Filter make sure to select Show All from the drop down menu.

Now click on File and make sure Advanced Mode is selected.

If you have done everything right you are now ready to start using URL Snooper 2.


  1. Thanks for your comment Josh! In fact URL Snooper is pretty easy to use and has helped me find audio and video content many times.

  2. Do i have to put a license key in order to get results from URLSnooper?

  3. uk00pr,
    no, this software is free as in free beer. no key needed.

    after some time you get a pop up saying that you can get a free key. this is only done to have a look at the website and to donate money if you like the software. you can simply cancel that message and continue using the software fully without any limitations.

    THE SOFTWARE RUNS FINE WITHOUT ANY KEY all the time. have a look here to understand this better:

  4. With this I can download Mixcloud?

    1. Hello Linda, yes, as well. For downloading from Mixcloud see this post:

    2. Awesome, really, really, really thank you very much for this tutorial :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D .

  5. wtf i dont even have a network adapter

  6. Are there alternative sniffing engine drivers you can use or is there only WinPCap? What about Microsoft Network Monitor?


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