Friday, August 09, 2013

Just look at the shit the American government is doing with a perfectly legal business.

FUCK THE NSA, seriously, FUCK YOU GUYS AND GIRLS sitting in your offices and spying on your own and other countries with the excuse to prevent terrorism. What a lie in the face of humanity. How do you sleep at night? Have you got a conscience at all?

Thank you Obama for doing nothing against all this madness, all of you will meet their master sooner or later, that is for sure and when that day comes you will remember the voices of the millions of people you have betrayed and lied to.

Shame on you American people and shame on you Obama. This is an absolute disgrace. I am seriously disgusted by what is going down at the moment.

Due to the events of the recent weeks I refuse to fuel Google's and other big players pockets by further hosting the content I have created on Blogger.

Closure of this blog is imminent.

Grab whatever you want before everything is deleted.


  1. I simply can't believe what they are doing. I support not using any of the services of the big players.

    1. I am using and so far it is a great alternative. The Mini or Mediuam account is just perfect for my needs. Seems a lot of people from Lavabit are moving there. Vladislav be in touch with your public key from PGP so we can start interacting privately, perhaps you can help or co-author the new blog. I have a few plans up my sleeve that I am sure a lot of people would appreciate. Speak soon!

  2. Pleas don't delete the blog, listen I'm not saying Google or the big boys are good, but hey, your tech advice improved my knowledge and life. Just think of people who can be helped, like me. Regards. -N.

  3. Oh no, please don't close this blog, you are soo important....
    Oh please, do it, you don't commend such importance to make a "threat" by closing your blog. No wonder your blog receive so little comments. Oh well, try tumblr, a huge amount young people go there to hide their face in front of their monitor while they talk teenage-angst, and not taking any actions on this physical world with their arms and leg. Talk is cheap.


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