Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Day In Paradise

Closing all my Google accounts, especially all my Gmail accounts. I have had enough of it all. Just look at what has become of us. Slaves of the digital age. Thinking about closing this blog too sooner or later so quickly grab the info provided here before it is gone. After all the info here is not even worth grabbing, it is long out in the open, perhaps not that easy to find but it is out there.

Though I can just imagine how happy a few affiliate marketing chaps might be about this and I am surly not playing into their hands. There is other ways of spreading the info so many people are longing for. Blogger is not the only place to do, Google is not the only search engine and Gmail is not the only email provider. It is all out there, you just have to convince yourself in the light of recent developments that if you do not stand up and make a change it will all be worse.

There is tons of ways to completely anonymous spread information on how to rinse every fucking last bit out of Adobe without paying a single penny for as long as you live. But Adobe is not the culprit here, though there are plenty of reasons for exposing all the cracks, hacks and patches alongside the direct download links.

Thinking about going rouge.

If governments can have secret laws, secret judges and so called secret agencies that run on secret budgets taken from the common hard working man only to sniff out the last bit of information from that law abiding common hard working man then it all means that the corporate greed has long ago consumed the people in power.

Consumed them all like the ring. Wanting it all. Full take. Wanting every last bit and byte with the mission to protect this hard working common man from underground fighters, fighting for freedom of thought, fighting for freedom of belief and freedom of faith. Fighting against this scourge of humanity. What a lie and what a blatant lie on top of that.

They don't even make a secret out of it. I am terribly disappointed how things have turned out. I am terribly disappointed and I am getting up from this table and not playing cards any more with people that trick and kill while padding you on the shoulder and whispering in your ear "It is all for the greater good."

No it is not. It has nothing got to do with "greater" or "good" full stop.

If governments can have secret laws, secret judges and do not see the need to abide by any of the laws humanity has formed over the course of history then why should I abide to any law any more? Just because it is written down somewhere? What do I care if the people in power so carelessly tread on what humanity has formed over ages?

So why are governments allowed to break the law every single day? Why do the people that have been elected in trust and faith to represent the needs and wants of the population turned into such corrupt slaves of corporations? Politicians have once been the trusted and elected people of the population to represent their concerns and requests. These times are long over. I am disgusted.

This is a call to free yourself from it all. Think about it. With every post you make on any of the social platforms corrupt corporations make huge amounts of money. Your information, your photos, your videos, your friendships your happiness your sadness, every single bit of emotion you share with the net means hard currency for a select few sitting at the other end. Since governments play hand in had with these people the only way to resist is to quit your accounts. Don't give in. Make a change for good.

Terminate your accounts. I am in the middle of doing this and there is this emotion I have never felt before. A happy and strong feeling of becoming lighter of becoming more and more myself again. Peace of mind no software will scan your emails for keywords only to sell this information to advertising companies that bombard you with senseless ads incepting you with imaginary needs that you will never be able to satisfy. Free yourself. Do it for your own peace of mind and for the sake of love for freedom of humanity.

All this has nothing got to do with how we imagined it. Open your eyes and see the truth.


  1. I am also few months thinking on leaving google services etc., and in this direction I've created google account with an external yahoo address, just to have the opportunity to have my channel on youtube, google drive and picasa. But didn't made the final decision. ;)

    The reason was the similar, because I am tired of thinking that I am tied on someone who can see any of my private stuff, and whose intention and way of earning money is to block you to be free.

    I like the idea of one man whom am I following on twitter and who said that the future of using internet is in building our own infrastructure. Our websites, our email services, our programs, etc., etc.,

    Wanted to ask, what would it be in your opinion for now, the best email service provider ( free or paid service ) whom you would give your confidence?

    Thanks in advance

    1. First of all is coming this summer!! Check them out!! I am using (search engine) for a long time now and super happy. They got the Privacy Award and definitely know what they are doing. Their email service should likewise blow my mind. Default PGP encryption. Just check out their presentation video.

      Apart from that I can suggest They are also very good, have free and paid sevices, IMAP and all.

      Generally though it would be best if everyone would stop using Gmail, or at least start using encryption plugins with their email accounts. When using a client such a Thunderbird (please for heaven's sake stay away from Outlook, that is also leaking your data via backdoors to the various agencies!) there is add-ons that will encrypt your email pretty good.

      If you use a strong and long private key it will be a matter of money, time and efforts spent to actually being able to read the contents of your email. And as soon as people have to spend money they will think twice and three times before making that choice.

      Yes, making out own services, open source and no hidden law, no hidden Terms of Service, no hidden bullshit any more, that is surly the best idea and I tell you people are working on it already. Go for it, you will not regret it. It might take a initial effort but afterwards you are free, forever!

      Thanks for your support and spread the message to your family and friends and everyone you know, it is time we make a change. And, I don't mean the kind of "Change" some black man promised years ago. Surly not that kind of secret laws and secret judges change.

    2. Thanks very much for your answer.

      I've looked at startpage and startmail and I am very interested now. ;) Also very sad, because after thinking of leavng google, last year I've made my outlook account, specially because webmail interface is very clean, and because they give us 10 aliases for free. This was very interesting to me, because I could use them for registering over the net, without needs to type my real email address anywhere.

      But also after Snowden's case and revealing the information that Microsoft and other big players gave the backdoors to nsi for entering our private informations, I became very suspicious. A month ago I've heard and seen the video where BillGates is telling some students in some lecture that his "way" in helping world finance is to reduce the population, and one his "clever" and I couldn't believe that actually said that, is to spread the vaccine which are not good, in the poor countries, and that in this way it will be 15 % less people.

      This made me great opponent of any Microsoft product, but because I've started use the possibility of aliases with the great pleasure, now I need to switch from either outlook. :(

      I know, just it is big job.

      On lavabit I have also an free account, but didn't think of them so seriously untill now when I read about their effort to make emails the most secure as it is possible.

      Generally, I thought that with active two- step verifications on gmail and outlook, I would be secure, but that Snowden revelation opened my eyes.

      Thanks again, I'll watch on startmail. :D

      p.s. I am not with big computer skill, but like an idea that all my emails, stuff of any kind are stored on my private server. Possible and hoping one day it will be available for me.

    3. Part 01===========================
      First of all, do you have a link to this video where Bill talked about what you mention, i.e. about spreading bad vaccine to the Third World for keeping population growth at low levels?? Highly interested to see this, can't believe it really.

      Then about email security. Storing the email on your own server or storing it on someone else's server should not really make that much of a difference. Why? Because, well email, travels. When you send an email it travels by many different stations until it reaches it final destination. At each of those stations people can look at the head of the email as well as the body.

      The clue lies in encryption this information. When you send out email that has been encrypted with asymmetric encryption at each of those stations it stops by, like email service provider, your internet service provider, various email servers, etc, none of all these can see the head of the content of the email. There is just data that is being passed through, zeros and ones and letters.

      So there is nothing to scan and nothing can be read. Only when the recipient of the email gets it, with his private can can he or she decrypt the email and read it. This is the only secure way to send and receive email. So even if you have your own server and all your emails are in plain text and you send them to friends, family or your work, every stop where the email is going through could read the email if they wanted to.

      This is why IS interesting me so much as they write "default asymmetric encryption". Meaning not even themselves or anyone else in the world can read the email unless they have the private key to it. This naturally would also imply that a very strong private key is being used, i.e. 64 or more characters of all kind.

      Now if the NSA really wants to read your emails they need to spend a LOT of time and money and computing power to be able to crack the encryption. And ideally if everyone starts using encryption it will rend their data centre useless ( They can still catch the traffic but if all traffic is encrypted, and I really mean 100% of the traffic they catch (an utopian view that might become reality as the common hard working man is marching to the streets to defend the basic human right for privacy) they will have a LOT LOT more work to do to actually be able to read the contents. So a strong encryption is the key to having your email really only being read by the person you intended it for.

    4. Part 02===========================
      As you can see in the news, people are already marching on the streets and demanding a stop of this American craziness. People should be much more aware of what is going on around them and it seem some at least are. I find society has somehow become like the sheep and cows they eat. Fed with food and kept happy with medicine only to be consumed by the government and since the government long time ago actually stopped functioning like a proper government taking care of the needs and wants of the population and started playing into the hands of the industry and corporation, naturally the government will play it in a way so that the industry and the corporations can have their way. The only way to fight back is for the common man to unite with other common hard working man and protest, change their way of online life, i.e. encrypt all traffic by default, use VPNs and stopy using the major services, i.e. Google, Facebook etc.

      The idiocrasy though lies within human nature. It seems most of them are really horny on sharing all their data on Google and Facebook, i.e. look at my photos, look at my wife, look at my children, look at my house, look at my boat, look at my vacation, look at my everything, look at how good I am, just look at me I need the attention (Don't mind my exaggeration here but I am pissed off at all these people complaining about what is going on but then not behaving like someone that actually has an issue with it, preaching water and drinking wine).

      So no wonder that at some point this sort of behaviour will backfire on these people. And hopefully the people that don't share, don't have a Google, Microsoft and Facebook accounts and encrypt all their traffic will be the ones left, sane and safe. There IS plenty of alternatives and great open source software, even for businesses, it is just a matter of the head of IT department speaking with the manager and say: "Look we have worked hard and come all this way, now why would you want to ruin this company by using services that open and excessively exploit you and while they do so they even rub this fact in your face??" Hopefully any sane boss or management will this about this and finally start using open source software and for fuck's sake, start using heavy duty encryption!

      Vladislav, thanks really for your comments, keep them coming I like the conversation.

  2. Thanks very much for your detailed answer. Now I can understand more clearly the security about emails.

    I remember that Julian Assange told in some conference that the most serious way for secure our internet surfing lays in cryptography. Now I understand. Thanks mate.

    I agree with everything you wrote here. I thank to Snowden for "starting" avalanche with revealing the well known informations ( which many of people already know, but just a few, like Snowden, had the balls to reveal ).

    As for now, here are the videos about Bill Gates "lectures" :

    shorter version:

    long version:

    For such thinking I do not have more proper word, but monster, really.

    Thanks again for everything.

    p.s. I've registered for beta testing at startmail. ;)

    1. Just look at what happened to Lavabit. Vladislav, send me your email via the contact form please. I want to be in touch with you but not over this blog. I am about to close down this blog as well. This is some very serious shit happening and before all this is deleted and closed down it would be good to have your email so we can stay in touch. Thank you.

  3. Wooooow, man. I really can't believe that they forced lavabit to shut down. It is really big shame. Thanks for informing us with all these happenings. No problem, and thanks for offering further contact. My email is ' ' ( untill I decide to close outlook email ) or ' ' which will be active untill 2021 and maybe more if the boss decide to pay more for the domain. Thanks also. Stay well and keep having open eyes and mind. ;)

  4. To keep your blog could you not save html of every page, make a archive zip, make a new site privately hosted or find a blogging site not in the US?

  5. Please look at this text from August 13, 2013:

    Google: Gmail users ‘have no legitimate expectation of privacy’

    "Google has finally admitted they don't respect privacy," John M. Simpson, Consumer Watchdog's Privacy Project director, said in a statement "People should take them at their word; if you care about your email correspondents' privacy don't use Gmail."

    "Google's brief uses a wrong-headed analogy; sending an email is like giving a letter to the Post Office," added Simpson. "I expect the Post Office to deliver the letter based on the address written on the envelope. I don't expect the mail carrier to open my letter and read it. Similarly when I send an email, I expect it to be delivered to the intended recipient with a Gmail account based on the email address; why would I expect its content will be intercepted by Google and read?"

    1. Vladislav, can you please make a public key with PGP, Enigmail and post it in the comments. I am about to create a public key for the blog as well. I would like to be in touch via private email to discuss further. Perhaps you can even help me with my new blog. You can use PGP with an existing email address or make a new one, up to you.

      Here info on how to do this:

    2. Vlasilav, here is a better tutorial on how to start using encryption with your email address and Thunderbird.

      I look forward to see your public key. I will also make a public key and post it on this blog soon. In process of moving everything.

      Keep in touch!


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